Pros and Cons of Online Learning

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Education is the basic right of every human being and it is very important for every human being. Only by getting an education, we can differentiate between right and wrong. A man knows the purpose of his life by getting an education. He knows that how to become a successful man. Man can earn a good income through education. We can say that education plays a key role in every field of human life. Now it is man’s personal life or social life. Therefore, education is very important for human mental development.

Now the world is modern because of technology. And now you can study online. This type of study is called Online Learning. Online Learning is also known as Distance learning.

When Covid-19 spread all over the world then the education of every School, College, and University became online. You need just two things to get online learning. The first thing is Personal Computer/Laptop/Mobile The phone and the second thing is a Strong Internet Connection. If you have these two objects then it means that you can continue your education easily in any kind of circumstance.

Some people say that online learning is best for students because it has more advantages than disadvantages. Many students ask this question that is online education better than traditional education? The answer is that “Yes” you can study online better than traditional education to some extent. Students want to know that what are advantages and disadvantages of online education? In this article, you will know about the pros and cons of online learning. So, let’s start.

Pros of Online Learning

1. No Time Issue

When you study online by using LMS(Learning Management System), then you have not bound around time. In online classes, you choose the timetable for the study according to your choice. You can study at any time.

When you went to school late, then you missed a lecture. You ask about that lecture with your teacher or class fellows. In online learning, you study by watching video lectures. You can watch video lectures at any time. If you don’t understand any point in video lectures, then you can pause the video and note that important point.

2. Save Time and Money

Time is more important than money because the money comes back after losing it but past time cannot come back. In online learning, you save both time and money. Online learning is a cheap way of learning for students. It facilitates those students who cannot afford the high fee of Institutions. To get online learning, you do not need to drive or take a taxi. Time is wasted by taxi or driving. You give this time to online learning. You also save your money as well as time. You invest this money in your health. You save your fuel of vehicle and money for your vehicle maintenance.

3. Learning Materials

Whenever you were on vacation you had to take notes from your classmates. But online learning is different. All learning resources are accessible at any time.

If you are studying any course, then you can use a course website, read lessons in PDF form, read important questions, and use internet links at any time. You use a study calendar and can read other books that are recommended by your Instructor.

4. Punctuality, Self-discipline, and Independence

Online education makes punctual, self-discipline, and independent person. No one forces you to get an education. You learn in your responsibility. If you are studying any online course then it is up to you that you attend or not all assignments and quizzes. You can receive announcements at your LMS. You can receive and send assignments, quizzes at any time. Due dates of assignments, quizzes, make your punctual.

5. Communication with Teacher/Instructor

You can communicate with your Teacher/Instructor. If you have questions about the lecture then you can ask a question with your Teacher/Instructor by sending an email or using the questioning
board. Your Teacher/Instructor will reply to your questions.

6. Increases your Typing Speed

When you wrote on paper at school or college. And if your writing on paper was bad, then now you become calm and satisfy with this issue. In online learning, there is no such issue. You send assignments by using a keyboard. By using the keyboard, your typing speed increases.

7. Comfortable and Convenient

You do not need to bore and tire every morning and evening by sitting on a bus for learning. You don’t have to go anywhere. You can study online with comfort and ease. The traditional classroom setting bores you. Whereas, in online learning, you can learn even from your bed. You can learn at any that place, where you feel comfortable and easy.

Cons of Online Learning

1. Lack of Face-to-Face Interaction

A major drawback of online learning is not face-to-face interaction between teachers and students. In online courses, students don’t interact face-to-face with teachers. Every student learns in their manner. Some students can work independently, while others find comfort in their community on campus, and thus they easy access to teachers or their fellow students. The solution to this problem is that students should participate in live sessions with teachers and discuss lecture-related queries.

2. Health Problems

Students study online courses on a Laptop/PC or mobile. The sharp light comes from a mobile/PC or laptop which affects your eyes. This can cause you eyestrain. So, you should keep a distance of at least 1 feet from your screen.

While studying on the PC/Laptop, your sitting posture should be correct. Otherwise, you can cause back pain. So, you should not study with a head bowed. While studying, you should sit at an angle of 90.

3. Cheating

Another con of online learning is cheating. Students can send copied assignments from another student or the Internet. But this problem has been solved by Institutions. Zero marks are given to such students in assignments.


Online learning has more advantages than its disadvantages. In other words, it is a beneficial way of learning because you can study with attention and satisfaction. In short, this is the cheapest, easy, and fantastic way of learning. You feel comfortable and easy by studying online. I hope that you will agree about the pros and cons of online learning. Thank you for reading this article!

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