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Last year several exercises were seen closed and home exercise became the norm. In line with the times of Zoom with fitness friends and Facebook living with coaches, in-app-based fitness programs also became popular. This is a celebrity exercise you can try.


This app allows for training and the UK Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis-Hill. Provides exercise and nutritional counseling to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Her periods vary from 5 to 29 minutes and she has regular, anticipating physical activity for subsequent mothers. Her latest addition is Jennis Cycle Mapping that offers exercise for each stage of the menstrual cycle.

Strength of Strong4Me

This training was created by American actress and model Kate Upton and her trainer Ben Bruno only for women. It offers a 12-week exercise program and a diet plan to help women appreciate their bodies and improve their endurance. It has 30 minutes of low-impact physical activity that strengthens muscles and improves metabolism. Their Instagram community @ Stong4me also provides daily inspiration.


Centr is a custom health and fitness program created by actor Chris Hemsworth. Provides daily exercise, diet plans, meditation at different levels of fitness. Exercises include boxing, MMA (mixed martial arts), inner strength training, active training, strength and fitness, basic movements, strong yoga and Pilates. Each time is between 10 and 60 minutes. They also have an independent Facebook group for their members to engage and encourage each other.


The powerful Singer Carrie Underwood Fit52 app offers the option to do exercises on your own or with others using the app. It is a community-based platform designed to help people achieve their goals of well-being. The app shows a seating area of 52 playing cards, and each has several exercises and a number of times to get a full workout of 30 minutes.

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